About Me

I am a professional athlete that has a wild side! The two things I love the most are; the gym, and being naughty! I love to explore new fantasies, I like to keep it spicy! Take a look at my videos, and all my links… You will soon find out how naughty I can be!

My Videos

Dominatrix Gym Workout!

Lee Keyrouz is a hardcore muscle woman and she loves to dominate. In this video, she is wearing her dominatrix lingerie and she is working out in the gym, and with lots of flexing inbetween sets. she is a hot muscle girl dominatrix!

Powerhouse In The Gym

Lee Keyrouz if a powerhouse! She is in the gym lifting heavy! She is bicep curling EXTREMELY heavy chains, and dumbbell curling some extreme weights. She has massive bicep peaks and you can see why after seeing how strong her biceps are!