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Hot Bikini Workout

Denise Anders is back in our dungeon gym workout out in a little bikini! You are going to love this sexy teasing workout video! It is hot to watch Denise pumped up her strong muscles in a bikini and very oily!

Hardcore Bicep Pump

Big Alexa had already done a very heavy bicep workout video before this one, which means her biceps are so pumped up they look like they are about to rip the skin! She is lifting some heavy chains and flexing her biceps, and they are pumped up to the max!

How Heavy Can She Curl?

How heavy can Big Alexa dumbbell curl? She starts off light and works her way up the dumbbell rack until she finds out what her 1-rep max is! Big Alexa is very strong and she really pushes her limits. She is lifting some BIG dumbbells!

Goddess Valkyrie Legs!

Luna has seriously strong and muscular legs! She is a session wrestler so her legs can do some serious damage. Her quads and calf muscles are so beautiful and shapely. Luna is a valkyrie goddess with unbelievable legs!!!

The Strong Arms of Luna

Luna is a MMA fighter with VERY strong arms! She is lifting heavy chains and dumbbells to show off her arm strength. Luna is a true strong Valkyrie goddess, with strong muscular arms!

Dominatrix Gym Workout!

Lee Keyrouz is a hardcore muscle woman and she loves to dominate. In this video, she is wearing her dominatrix lingerie and she is working out in the gym, and with lots of flexing inbetween sets. she is a hot muscle girl dominatrix!